Friday, February 22, 2008


When Steve Varon, a valiant supporter of Barking Irons, asked us if we would help promote his cause by posting this video on Mulberry Bend we didnt have to think twice about it. Not only is Steve one of gentlest souls one could ever hope to meet, but his intended goal of getting the Dalai Lama himself to carry a torch at the opening ceremony of the controversial Chinese Olympics in 2008 is both inspiringly ambitious and ingeniously simple.

Perhaps in lingering reverence for Axl Rose we are all still resolved to wait in vain for a Chinese Democracy to ease us all in to the 21st century. The Chinese government continues to thrill in showing us its unbending will and superpower muscles. In our lifetime we are likely to see China noted as THE global power. If such is the case it seems onerous for them to begrudge this man of peace and prevent what would be a symbolic gesture of unity and peace to the world. As Steve says, "why don't you stop standing up and showing how strong you are against man."

After all, this is the Dalai Lama not Kim Jong-il we are talking about. In China I guess it doesnt matter who you are -Axl may have said it best: "its hard to hold a candle... and we both know hearts can change..."

Good Luck to you Steve! We're pulling for you from the Bowery way 'down to Chinatown.

Go Check out Steve's Video:
"The Dalai Lama, The Torch, and Steve" The more views the better.